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Real bifurcation

Monday, 25 Apr 2022

Blake on Dr John Dunn. Lines no doubt influenced by Julius Evola, with a little bit of William Blake (left)

Real bifurcation

How different to today’s post-modernist pursuit of the de-centring of the self. Indeed, in these opposing opinions about the nature of the self and its objectives we lay bare the truth of the real political bifurcation, not the pathetic banter between various branches of Marxism, which passes for democratic debate in the political talk-shops and mass-media.

The ‘I’ must be the centre of dominion and power,which is synonymous with creative power. To be at the centre of creation is to reject Urizen and his followers and become one with God.

The rightful role of man is to model the world after his thinking; and consciously being the master of his thinking he is to be master of what the thinking produces.

© John Dunn.

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