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Root them out

Saturday, 7 May 2022

To be rooted out on Dr John Dunn. The murderers of Love - Christ Carrying the Cross (Bosch)

Root them out

Union with the Divine seems impossible, because there is no identity between being and thinking

The conditions must exist for the metaphysical force to incarnate, but it does not have any other arouser and awakener than Love.

Once Love is found, the Logos is found. The Logos virginally fertilises the soul. This moment coincides with the Creation.

The presence of the Logos is realised because it is perceived.
The doors of perception are opened.

‘If the doors of perception were cleansed,’ William Blake once wrote, ‘everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.’

Love cleanses the doors of perception… for the elect that is. The rest, i.e.the innocents, are condemned to an existence in Beulah, from where rises the nauseating refrain ‘we just want to be happy…’

The murderers of Love contaminated the doors of perception, and continue to do so.

The followers of Ananke, the worshippers of Urizen, the Pharisees of every age, would have the struggle cease. Their goal? A world of undifferentiated oneness, forever, undisturbed and inevitable.

When the struggle ceases all is lost.

They that dwelleth without love, what are they?
The anti-Love; the masonry of hate; the children of Urizen.
Root them out, pleads Eros to the Innocents, root them out.
(From ‘Children of Urizen’, The Mythology)

You have been infected by the children of Urizen into Devil Worship.
(From ‘Thus spake’ in October’s Blog)

Man must and will have some religion; if he has not the religion of Jesus, he will have the religion of Satan, and will erect the Synagogue of Satan.
(William Blake)
The above piece was prompted by a re-reading of the blog Thinking = will, now transferred to Scaligero in 'Thought pieces'.

© John Dunn.

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