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Violation, disruption and overturning

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Another Weil quote on Dr John Dunn. Violation, disruption and overturning

Our purpose is to recover the content of ‘living thought’ at its inception,before it is almost immediately degraded into ‘fallen thought’, or ‘reflected thought’ i.e. thought reflected back to us as though it represented an external reality with an external existence inherent to it.

To live through the eyes of reflected thought isto live before the Beginning, to live before the Creation, to be beholden to Ananke and worship Urizen; it is to exist before Love.

Itis violation by Love, i.e. the Creation, in the Beginning, that awakens us to the Logos within ourselves, enabling us to grasp the content of ‘living thought’, which brings with it the transformative and shaping force of the Logos. The 'I' is inserted into the process of thinking.

The corollary of this is that in normal everyday accepted modes of thought the 'I' is absent. The connection to ‘living thought’, before it falls, is not only a connection to the Logos, but also to the 'I'.

This connection to the Logos and the 'I' is an encounter with the ‘source of life’. The Logos and the ‘I’ are coterminous at this point.

The Logos is incarnated in the ‘I’.

So the earlier statement that ‘out thoughts are not our own’, might be restated as our thoughts are from the ‘I’, which has broken free of the normal everyday accepted modes of thought, i.e. the ‘I’ which perceives thoughts at their originatory and uncontaminated source, whereas before it only saw the reflected ‘reality’ of Ananke.

Is the uncontaminated source the Logos or the ‘I’ or both?

A theme is emerging here again, and that is that the ‘I’ cannot achieve the break from Ananke by its solipsistic self, it needs the violation, disruption and overturning of equilibria by Love.

© John Dunn.

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