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Amidst whole congregations

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Urizen on Dr John Dunn. William Blake's Urizen, dispenser of the laws rhetorical

The following thought was promoted by a re-reading of Life without rhetoric, a blog that I have transferred to the ‘Thought piece’ Scaligero.

Amidst whole congregations

Disenchantment is the necessary precursor to freedom. This applies at an individual and the wider human level. There is no freedom without awareness of error, and in advocating this point I rehearse once more the Christian tradition of felix culpa, (happy fall) and the concept of Luciferic hindrance held by Rudolf Steiner.

The move towards the freedom that not even the angels possess has to occur in a world of error, where freedom can only ever be ‘rhetorical’, where to live ‘rhetorically’ is to be subject to the conventions of social life, rather than being in full possession of oneself

If the pure unheeded relation with the Logos controlled thinking, we would completely realise truth; we would not know error, nor consequently evil, but we would not be free. Each of us would be an impeccable spiritual automaton, whose imperfect and distorted counterparts are the blind adherents to faith, holding us to laws, religious and scientific, that oppose and block the unseen impulse of the Logos on Earth.

The first steps to freedom will emerge from reflected thought’s adherence to the truth of the other, the mineral “appearing”, which separates subject from object, thought from life and man from God.

Before Love is known, man must take his seat amidst whole congregations in Urizen's 'Synagogue of Satan'.

© John Dunn.

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