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Creation and the Resurrection the same?

Monday, 9 May 2022

Blake's Urizen on Dr John Dunn. William Blake's Urizen

Creation and the Resurrection the same?

In reflected thought man is subsumed in the One, so awakening is Creation.

But reflected thought is fallen thought, so awakening is Resurrection.

Either way, in reflected thought man exists before the Beginning, beholden to Ananke.

We might not see the Logos as the flaming light, endowed with creative power, i.e. the light of fire that is continuously extinguished in reflected consciousness, but the flaming light is there, only suppressed. Awakening is Resurrection.

Or in this state, is the flame not there at all, until Love penetrates? Awakening is Creation.

Or is Love simply rejected, even murdered by Urizen and his followers.

Before the Beginning, the light of the Logos did not shine.

Love violated Ananke in the Beginning, and the flaming light shone through.

Ananke enthroned Urizen as the anti-Love.

Man, existing in reflected thought, did not experience Love. Urizen came between him and Love.

© John Dunn.

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