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Monday, 9 May 2022

In the garden on Dr John Dunn. Cosmogeny

Dr John Dunn 2022.

Before the Beginning there was nought.

The symbol of the nought before the Beginning is Ananke and her realm of undifferentiated Oneness, equilibrium, the endless repeating cycle and entropic death.

Unless violated, the endless repeating cycle would carry on ad infinitum.

In the one infinite Cosmos without man, there was no ‘that is’, there was no ‘be’ing.

Where there is no being, there is void, no-thing; there is 0. Without man, 1=0.

To reduce all to 0 is evil.

Evil preceded the Beginning.

Ananke’s violator was Love.

Love walked the Earth as man.

This was the Creation, the Beginning.

From the moment of Creation there was opposition from the forces of Ananke.

These were the forces of return to original equilibria, the forces of evil.

From this opposition came the central bifurcation of the Cosmos, Love (or Good) versus evil.

© John Dunn.

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