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Continuous struggle

Monday, 9 May 2022

St George must never sleep on Dr John Dunn. Saint George and the Dragon, by Tintoretto
The continuous struggle against the murderers of Love

Continuous struggle

About thoughts on the necessity of connecting with living thought, i.e. the thought before it falls, i.e. the pre-reflected stage of its creative direction.

The universal in thought can connect its own substance with the power of the form, so that the particular, the error,the material ‘reality’ of reflected thought, can dissolve and the forces engaged in it converge again toward their centre of life.

By dissolving the particular, we are left with one centre, or Logos, which,until such a dissolution, is avoided through a dependence on the values of reflected vision.

There is connection with the the Logos, with all the inherent dangers of sliding into a Spinozistic pantheism, but the danger of this potential slide is mitigated when the term ‘resurrected I’ is used coterminously with Logos.

However, such a connection with the ‘resurrected I’ is not a one-off event.

Our dependence on the values of reflected thinking cannot be overcome simply because they are perceived as illusory. The struggle to transform error into truth must be continuous, just as Creation as an act of Love must be perpetual.

© John Dunn.

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