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Love as the Creation

Friday, 6 May 2022

God to Ada fingers touch on Dr John Dunn. Love as the Creation

Is prior knowledge of the grail path necessary? In Scaligero’s terms it is, which means, again in his terms, an encounter with the work of Rudolf Steiner.

I reserve judgement still on this, because I too feel there is much within Steiner’s work to reconfigure our knowledge and awareness of the Cosmos.

However, I remain inclined to think that we are awakened to the so-called grail path by an encounter with the Logos, with God, with Love.

Scaligero also moves us on from the Creation to the ‘Eden…truly enclosed within the soul’. This is suggesting that we once had something which we subsequently lost, which conflicts with the Creation of something that was never there before.

Insimilar vein, he writes about ‘the perennial resurrection of the higher I’, whereas I prefer to think of the perennial Creation of the ‘higher I’.

I think of the awakening by Love as the Creation, rather than an echo of a previous Creation.

Love violates the interminable cycle and equilibrium of Ananke, and the issue is Life itself, i.e. the shaping force without which there would be only Ananke or, in other words, nothing, 0.

What I do agree with Scaligero about is that it is
‘the usurpers of the light of life’ who set the barriers to awakening.

The above piece was prompted by a re-reading of the blog Perennial resurrection, now transferred to Scaligero in 'Thought pieces'.

© John Dunn.

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