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Love perpetual

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Simone Weil on love on Dr John Dunn. Love perpetual

The human being conditioned by corporeality, as human-animal, has no value higher than any other aspect of nature. A sub-human existence is bound up with nature, one with it, immersed in it and subject to its determinations; subject to Ananke, i.e. subject to nothing, being worth nought.

Only when the practice of living thought is achieved will man move beyond the animal, i.e. thinking that is suitable to the beyond-human dimension, or to the Logos of the Creation, to achieve independence from the reflected thought of animal corporeality, during life. It involves the awakening of the soul through the interjection of Love, the perpetual continuation of the first Creation.

The above piece was prompted by a re-reading of the blog Secret of the solar sacrarium, now transferred to Scaligero in 'Thought pieces'.

© John Dunn.

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