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Escaping Beulah

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Hugging delusion on Dr John Dunn. Escaping Beulah

Humankind is the conduit for the descent of the Logos to the earthly realm as thought.

Fallen thought is a condition which believes these thoughts are our own.

Fallen thought is separated from the Logos and takes on a life of its own, being reflected back to us as a representation of what appears to be a pre-existing world of things and people, i.e. as Nature, as though existence lay outside of man, rather than shaped by man.

This medium of fallen thought, or reflected thought, in which we exist and have our being, is symbolically the realm ruled over by Urizen. Encouraged by the followers of Urizen, man is dragged down into the passivity of Beulah, where is heard constantly the nauseating refrain - ‘I just want to be happy…’

Creativity, imagination, thinking and mental picturing, need to be reconnected to that of the will.

There is precedent for this possibility: thinking can arouse the profound will, as is normally the case when simple mental picturing arouses the movement of the limbs.

The will can redeem fallen thought to the point of connecting with the Logos, thus becoming living thought, rendering humankind as the unimpeded conduit for the descent of the Logos to the earthly realm.

To feel the Logos, man must first be liberated.

Until liberated, he will suffer and rejoice illusorily, because the Logos content of each experience is lost.

Liberation comes with the restored marriage between thinking and the will.

We see a tantalising shadow of such liberation in human love, which is always imperfect.

Love, the originatory principle, is the true meaning of human love. All human love unknowingly moves from its celestial content, but without the hope of realising it, because within the sphere of the psyche it endures the enchantment of the appearing which, assumed as reality through reflected consciousness, generates irresistible desire, the continuous greed of the ephemeral and its delusion.

The above piece was prompted by a re-reading of the blog Imperfect love, now transferred to Scaligero in 'Thought pieces'. I'mnot altogether happy with this. I'm not sure that the will can awaken living thought as a creative act. In a sense the above thoughts do acknowledge this inevitable imperfection. Perhaps only the perfection ofLove holds the true creative act.

© John Dunn.

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